About Us


Rumour Books India (RBI) is one of India’s youngest and leading independent publishing houses, and is the only independent English-language publisher from North India to have a national presence.

RBI is the official publisher of the Prime Minister of India’s—Narendra Modi—Mann Ki Baat: From the Heart of the Mind. The first book in a 5-part series was published in February, 2017.

Founded in 2013, RBI has, in the brief period since its inception, already scaled the bestsellers’ lists on AmazonFlipkartCrossword, The Hindu, and many other reputed periodicals and bookstores.

RBI debuted on the national publishing scene in 2014 with a collection of short stories titled Mango Chutney: An Anthology of Tasteful Short Fiction by Harsh Snehanshu, followed by Green Mango More, making the Mango Chutney series one of India’s highest selling anthologies that was purely crowdsourced via the social media. It went on to become one of India’s highest selling anthologies of all time.

RBI is devoted to publishing quality fiction and non-fiction which has the potential to provoke and influence at the same time. All of RBI’s titles are headliners in their respective categories, such as Matabele Dawn by Saad Bin Jung, an epic novel proving to be a crucial unifying link between Africa and India, which the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, described as “a pure delight!”

Being one of India’s top publishers of crime fiction with titles such as Bhendi Bazaar, Deja Karma and Doosra by Vish Dhamija, touted as India’s John Grisham (a no.1 bestseller in crime fiction on Amazon India and one of India’s highest-selling crime writers), Pune Murder Chronicles (a Crossword bestseller) and The Girl Who Loved a Pirate and The Girl Who Loved a Spy by Kulpreet Yadav, RBI plans to publish 10 new crime titles every year.

In 2017-18, RBI will publish around 25 titles, each carefully selected after a gruesome shortlisting procedure to ensure that only the best stories get to reach readers, including the works of Farrukh Dhondy (two titles), Radhakrishnan Pillai (an 8-book series on the great Indian philosopher and strategist, Chanakya), Priya Sarukkai Chabria (an anthology of poetry), Jeroninio ‘Jerry’ Almeida (3-part book series) and Shobha Bondre.

‘Rumour Grows as it Goes.’


In September 2014, RBI proudly announced its partnership with the prestigious Indian School of Business (ISB), Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Young Indians (Yi) for Cadence- ThinkBig, an initiative where school students from the Northern Region were given the opportunity to get published in an anthology. Hundreds of students participated, making Cadence- Think Big one of the most successful social initiatives in Northern India where the aim is to promote the twin habits of reading and writing.

Apart from publishing, RBI has taken the onus of promoting the literary habit in the region through its initiatives. Being the official organisers of the Panchkula Art and Literary Festival (PALF), previously known as the Panchkula Literary Festival (PLF), where budding as well as well-known literary personalities are given a common platform to interact with audiences in the North, RBI prides itself in being hailed by the media as a “publishing house that does more than its bit for society”. PLF has been touted as “the biggest literature festival in North India beyond Delhi” and “spellbinding” by Hindustan Times. Over a 100 panellists have participated till date, including the likes of Raghu Rai, Veer Munshi, G R Iranna, Diwan Manna, Nirupama Dutt, Radhakrishnan Pillai, Jeroninio Almeida, Chrsitopher C Doyle, Neel Kamal Puri, Jaishree Misra, Tahira Kashyap Khurrana, Savita Bhatti and many more award-winning artistes. PALF2016 crossed the magical number of 10,000 footfalls, which was unheard of previously in the region.