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Submit your Manuscript

Rumour Books India is one of India’s youngest and fastest growing publishers in terms of volume and number of titles published. Since we’re always on the look-out for exciting, fresh writing talent, we’re accepting publishing proposals for fiction (romance, crime and thriller, short stories, childrens’ and young adult, humour, fantasy and sci-fi, historical, literary, poetry), and non-fiction (autobiographies, biographies, narrative non-fiction, sports, politics and current affairs, cookery, business and economics, travel). If your manuscript does not fall within these categories, mention the genre in the subject line of your mail.


And, yes! We only publish in other languages too.


The publishing process is not as easy it seems.

Books do not just magically come to life (though we believe them to be magical beings themselves). There is a step-by-step and meticulous approach that our editorial team follows to select the best manuscript amongst the may we receive. So, to allow us to do our job well, we request you to keep the following in mind while submitting your manuscripts for approval:


Only submit your work by e-mail to or in a .doc, .rtf or .pdf format. We do not accept hard copies of proposals/manuscripts—why cut down so many trees when you have the internet?

Your proposal should consist of the following:

1. A very brief, one paragraph synopsis of your book.
2. Three sample chapters (for both fiction and non-fiction).
3. A detailed chapter outline of all the chapters (a brief background of each chapter, including what’s happening with the protagonist, and what
direction the plot-at-large is taking).
3. A sample of the cover design that you’ve visualised for your book.
4. Your understanding of the target market for your book, including a marketing plan.
5. Your CV, which should include background, education, professional experience and future professional plans—this is just to understand your
background a little better, and not your chance to hog the limelight. Do be brief!
6. Your e-mail subject should clearly state the “NAME OF YOUR WORK” and “YOUR NAME”.


It takes time to evaluate your work. You’ll be eagerly awaiting a response. You’ve typed or written for weeks, months, and probably years.
Your back must be aching; your fingers twitching, and your eyes blood-shot red. We understand that. All writers go through this some time or
the other. But, do give us the right amount of space and time to judge the potential of your work. If you don’t receive any response from us
within three months, feel free to contact us to find out what’s going on with your submission.

If you do not receive a response, we hope you understand that due to the large volume of submissions we receive on a daily basis, it becomes difficult to deal with each submission individually. Do not fret! This is isn’t the end of the road for you as an author.


Once we’ve conveyed our decision regarding publishing, kindly do not send re-send your submission, even if we’ve asked for the full
manuscript. If we like it, we’ll take it. If we don’t, we request you to respect our decision and not ask for reasons.


All terms and conditions, including royalties, territories and distribution network, will be discussed only after we accept your manuscript.
The copy of your work you send us SHOULD NOT BE THE ONLY COPY. If we delete it somehow, it will not find its way back to you no matter
how many resurrection stories you write about. So, be careful to keep a spare.


You’re free to submit your manuscript elsewhere, but it is your responsibility to inform us of the same. In the case of acceptance, we’ll
proceed only after we receive intimation from you stating that the submission has been withdrawn from other publishing houses.