Our Team



(Founder and CEO)

Radhika Serai is one of the few woman journalists and educationists from the region of Chandigarh who has also delved into the world of banking and HR successfully. She wrote the first ever coffee table book published by the India Today Group and as founder-cum-CEO of Rumour Books India, Radhika is devoted to promoting undiscovered and reputed literary talents across the country. She is a thorough perfectionist and is responsible for some of the best-selling products that Rumour Books has published – her in-depth market understanding is able to guide authors to develop their content in a direction that is able to capture audiences and transport them into the world of the words they read. She is also a sought-after speaker on the publishing and education industries at national conclaves and conferences.


(Managing Director and Co-Founder)

Reekrit Serai is an educationalist, entrepreneur, investor, columnist and author/publisher who is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Rumour Books India. Currently, he is also the Chair – Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Young Indians (Yi), Chandigarh region. Alongside Rumour, he also co-founded the Panchkula Art and Literary Festival (PALF), one of upper north India’s largest and most recognised literary and art festivals. Serai, who specialises in investing in and advising early stage and growth-stage startups, also serves on the boards of successful EdTech and PubTech (Publishing Technology) companies as an Advisor and Director. The companies he has invested in and advises have earned tens of millions of dollars in revenue over the past few years.